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Beaujolais & Bourgogne

camping nearby south burgundy

Between Northern Lyon and southern Burgundy, 8 days of discovery through 8 itineraries:

“There are landscapes which one would like to hold on tight to” said the founder of the Compagnons du Beaujolais, Léon Foillard, regarding the landscapes of his region.
The Beaujolais, first off, is a vineyard. “The most sensuous of vineyards”, according to the Revue du Vin de France. The world’s best known vineyard, along with the Champagne and Bordeaux.
But to consider the Beaujolais as just a standard vineyard would be a shame, indeed wrong, to pigeonhole the wine production to the Beaujolais nouveau, and miss out on the gamays ageing well.
The Beaujolais is a vast region of 1750km², much more varied and rich than at first appears. A region with an exceptionally diverse geological diversity which UNESCO recently designated a “Global Geopark”.
We would like you to be able to make the most of what the Beaujolais has to offer, so we have prepared 8 itineraries for you, from the Azergues Valley to southern Burgundy, discovering all the wonders of the Beaujolais, beginning with….the must-see vineyards reminiscent of those of Tuscany!

Jour 1: De l'Or plein les yeux
Jour 2: La Vie de Château
Jour 3: Les trésors cachés de la capitale du Beaujolais
Jour 4: Entre Lyonnais et Beaujolais
Jour 5: 10 crus, 10 raisons de découvrir le Beaujolais autrement
Jour 6: 1009 mètres, le toit du Beaujolais
Jour 7: En Beaujolais, mettez vous au Bio !
Jour 8: Le Beaujolais, Sud de la Bourgogne
Journée Beaujolais en Famille