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Saône & Dombes

camping between saone, dombes and bresse

7 itineraries « Encounters and Discoveries » to explore the Saône, Dombes and more

Situated between the Saône and the Dombes is what makes Kanôpee Village, first the beauty of its natural décor, the softness of shades of silver caressing the banks, the charm of the bucolic countryside of “the land of a thousand lakes”…”
The spectacle of nature is always beautiful” said Aristotle…

But the richness of Kanôpee Village doesn’t stop at its natural beauty. It also comprises the quality of its sites. The little traditional villages dotted around the region.

Trévoux, the old capital of the Dombes principality; Vonnas, the height of gastronomy by Blanc; Bourg-en-Bresse, the flamboyant gothic jewel of love; Villars-les-Dombes, the European bird paradise; Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne, “little Venice”; Pérouges, the musketeers medieval town…

Wrapped in its cultural heritage, each of these little towns is a complex character, created in history and art. Each one of these characters has opened wide its doors to its living heritage, and they invite you in to explore their wonders, perched on the wings of a pink ibis or loved-up in a romantic horse-drawn carriage.

To accompany you on your journey around these seven little towns, we have prepared 7 itineraries “Encounters and Discoveries”.

7 itineraries to discover and as many invitations to the best of the sites in the region of KanÔpee, the Bressan farm in the old Auberge, the theatrical boat trips on the Saône, the exceptional market of carp goujonnettes.

Jour 1: Trévoux
Jour 2: Ars sur Formans
Jour 3: Entre Dombes et Saône
Jour 4: Bourg en Bresse
Jour 5: Villars les Dombes
Jour 6: Trois étoiles au guide Michelin
Jour 7: Pérouges la médiévale
Journée Dombes & Saône en famille