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Location de vacances insolite entre Lyon et Bourgogne
Camping avec parc aquatique lyon
Camping near the saone lyon
Camping with boat cruise
mobilehome rental lyon


Location de vacances insolite entre Lyon et Bourgogne
Camping avec parc aquatique lyon
Camping near the saone lyon
Camping with boat cruise
mobilehome rental lyon

A cozy camping on the banks of the Saône 30 minutes from Lyon

If Kanôpée can offer its customers a ‘luxurious, calm and delightful stay’, it’s on the whole thanks to its exceptional accommodation, available all year round in a green corner of the town.

  • Do you dream of real comfort in a lovely little house?

Opt for one of our elegant mobile homes. Very contemporary, spacious, well thought-out, these cottages are designed to accommodate between 4 and 8 people, and they give you a level of equipment worthy of a modern house.

  • Do you dream of strong emotions in out-of-the-ordinary accommodation?

Climb up 2 meters from the ground, into one of our Chalets on stilts. Designed to accommodate up to 11 people, in a cozy setting, these wooden houses give you a magnificent view of the show nature puts on on the Saône.

“Cyclo/rando” packages, chalets on stilts and boat mooring

Our camping pitches are available from 1st April to 30th September. From a camping pitch “cyclo/rando” for a traveler alone on a pitch to a “comfort pitch” for a motor home and up to 6 people.

Finally, water enthusiasts take note: it is possible to stop over at Kanôpee…with a boat! Moor up at the boat mooring located just in front of the site, hook up to water and electricity, and in addition enjoy our services, Wi-Fi connection, access to the wash blocks, bike rental…

Welcome to KanÔpée: A luxury stay on the banks of the river Saône

Canopy. This name has a “je-ne-sais-quoi” ring to it, something exotic, ethereal, which says it all. That’s canopy. As your eyes rise up to the sky, they are bathed in an ocean of greenery. That’s canopy. No sooner does your imagination take you elsewhere, to the enchanted summits and verses of Baudelaire:

“There, everything is ordered and beautiful. Luxurious, calm and delightful”

Luxury, calm and the delight of the Flowers of Evil, Matisse’s paintbrush has coloured the water, the air and the land, and where the team at Kanôpee invites you to revisit.

Kanôpee is a “Campsite and Cottage” we say, “prime destination”: people come to Kanôpee.

People come to Kanôpee, only 30kms from Lyon to enjoy the environment that a ‘sites et paysages’ campsite offers with its label ‘Qualité Tourisme’

People come to Kanôpee for an out-of-the-ordinary stay in a Chalet on stilts with a panoramic view over the Saône. Or to enjoy the 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms of a superb mobile home, with direct access to the heated pools at the Cascades, the leisure centre next door.

People come to Kanôpee, to delve into the heart of the “land of art and history” of Trévoux, one of the “most beautiful detours of France”, or to set out on a discovery of the 10 vintages of the Beaujolais, the “most sensuous of vineyards”, designated a UNESCO Global Geopark.

People come to Kanôpee, and sometimes it happens, that having reached the summits, people stay at Kanôpee. In the overriding calm of the village, the luxury of the comfortable accommodation, and the delights of exceptional surroundings.

Encounters and discoveries: 25 suggestions of itineraries around Kanôpée

A stay at Kanôpee is like receiving an invitation to go on a trip.

A trip to a chalet on stilts perched on the banks of the river Saône, a trip into “the land of a thousand lakes”, a trip between strips of carp, to cottage cheese, a trip to the “world’s gastronomic capital” to the “most sensuous vineyard in France”.

A stay at Kanôpee is indeed to receive an invitation to go on multiple trips . A multitude of possibilities in a unique region, conducive to new encounters and discoveries.

From Saint Amour and Europe’s largest oenoparc, from the golden stone villages and Europe’s paradise bird park, from the royal Monastry to the patron Saint of clergymen, from the medieval towns and Clochemerle, from the water gardens to the Punch and Judy theatres, from the planetarium to the Michelin starred chefs...

To welcome you at Kanôpee is to accompany you in this hub of activity We have developed this invitation to 22 suggested intineraries for 3 great destinations: “Saône and Dombes”, “Beaujolais and Southern Burgundy”, and “Lyon”.

And, to improve your stay even more, we have combined all of this with a suggestion for a “family day” by destination.

Happy Reading and Enjoy your trip!

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