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Our special offers and camping promotions

Looking for a way to save more money in our cheap campsite in ain? Look for opportunities at Kane Village! We regularly launch special promotions at different times of the year. Discounts include caravan camping sites and mobile home rentals.

For example, if you book your rental in the first week of July or the last week of August, you can get 20 discounts. Do you like to plan your holiday in advance? Our Early Booking option will appeal to you. The principle: make a reservation before December 31st to take advantage of low rates.

A sudden desire for a special offer in the Ain? Check out our “last minute” offers, validate, pack your bags and come and stay at Kane Village.

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Best value for money

Naturally, you dream of great luxury at low prices. Naturally, you would like to live a unique mobile home experience in a cheap campsite in the Ain without getting angry with your wallet.

At the campsite near Lyon, we make every effort to offer you all year round the best value for money so that all our holidaymakers can afford a comfortable stay at low cost in the Ain. What for? Because there is nothing more enjoyable than spending an exceptional holiday in a family campsite while controlling your budget.

To achieve this, we carefully select all our luxury accommodations and regularly renew our rental stock. So every year and whatever the season, our guests can stay in a modern-finished mobile home and use state-of-the-art equipment. Price is also one of our priorities. To make you enjoy advantageous rates, we offer fully furnished and equipped rentals. Transparency is an important aspect of our tariff policy. We want our holidaymakers to know how much their cheap camping trip in the Ain will cost, and help them reduce their spending on site by allowing them free access to our facilities including our chalets.

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Discount on rates for activities in the surrounding area

Staying at Kane Village, you have a good chance of enjoying the best prices in ain for your visits and activities. We work with nearly 60 local partners, trusted partners whose quality of services we know. We can recommend their discounted services. Many of them will offer you a free entry for one purchased.

To get these exceptional discounts, check with Véronique and her team as soon as you arrive at the campsite. We will provide you with a list of our partners and inform you about the most popular activities in the area, including family activities.

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